14 Feb 2011

my dress plan

These links go to 3 different lovely ladies on flickr, who have all made dresses from the same pattern i plan to use for my wedding dress. It's one by Anna Maria Horner, and i plan to make it in the floor-length, short sleeved version (like the last link).




now to give you an idea of the fabric and style of the dress look at these:

this one shows how floaty it will be, but mine will be a soft cream colour. that's the shape of the skirt i will be going for.this one's just showing how i plan to use plain cream cotton (lawn) underneath, and layer it with muslin. also like this dress i'm going to put some bits of lace around the top or patched on the skirt.

this is the right kind of shape (apart from not being maternity!) and the right kind of pale cream natural muslin colour.

now you'll have to use your imaginations, cause i can't find a photo of the dress i have in my head!

12 Feb 2011

Home-made confetti starts here

 The heart punches arrived in the post! I tested it out on an old envelope; nice huh?

More dresses

Now this dress is from Mango and has a very cool print which you will have to follow the link to see properly; zoom in on the image in the link and what do you see? Black cats! Amazing! Not very wedding-y but had to show you.
This is a very pretty tea dress with a stylish bird print. Very girlie and pretty, but maybe too dark for a summer dress.  
This one from Warehouse is a bit more summery, but i'm not sure about the sleeves....

I guess I need to be a bit more patient as most summer fashion collections have not come out yet. I noticed that Toast's Spring collection is out now though... 

7 Feb 2011

the location (hopefully!)

that's the front of tweedmouth church, in the berwick rain and wind!

the path up to the church door (moss!)pretty stones

more moss!!!
i forgot to take a photo of the hall, i'll do that when we confirm it with the rev.

oh and i just found the most perfect photo yet that descibes the images in my head!

New Cupcakes and the Emergence of Spring

Snowdrops in my garden:

And some carrot cake cupcakes in my new silicone cups: 

The icing went a little wrong; too much juice from the orange.... will try to remedy that tomorrow after I buy more icing sugar...! Will try to trial as many cupcake recipes as I can so I know which to make for the wedding; these get the thumbs up from Rick as long as I fix the cream cheese icing.....its tasty just doesn't stay put....  

6 Feb 2011

The Necklace>?

Now I know you have a key necklace already but these are so cool, and i've been trying to find matching necklace and bracelet sets to no avail but who wants to match huh? 

Very nice key/pearl necklace, good for the theme and gentle looking?
Key necklace take 2, maybe too chunky?

Take 3, smaller, more dainty?

Bracelet time; this one is heavy duty but so cool:

Where as this one is a little more gentle:

Key Keepers which are bracelets that are a little more dainty but still nice.

Any thoughts?

5 Feb 2011

colour scheme

mum this is the colour scheme!
off whites and palest nudes/naturals, with the flowers multicoloured.
want everything pale to really maximise the effect of having rainbow flowers, and foil them with lots of frothy airy green foliage.
collecting cheap white / off white tablecloths from charity shops would be very helpful, and i will be using some pale coloured sheets to make bunting (see below)

going to see the reverend tomorrow, so will hopefully come back with answers to churches, reception venue, plates etc etc.

Other inspiration

More keys: 

Box for cards and presents: 


Doilies and Paper Punches!


And I have ordered two of these:

one for me, one for you? or maybe mum?


well colour scheme is old white tablecloths or the colour of newspaper before it's printed on. think i will layer up tables with old white cotton in various off white shades. that will match the dress i'm planning of cream muslin layered over old white cotton. then for any printing id like a charcoal ink on any recycled paper.
then the only colour i'd like is in the flowers, which will be every colour! think frothy green bases of fennel, with blue cornflowers, white astas, purple chive flowers, pink sweet peas and yellow something...cottage garden flowers and herbs.
so when i have my sewing machine ill start making bunting...not as neat as christine's christmas bunting, just one layer of fabric for each triangle...in recycled sheeting - white, cream, natural light shades, whatever i can find that is as light coloured as possible.

i love the key stamp, i will ask my illustrating friend to draw me a heart shaped lock or something similar to use on the invites. unless rick can draw? or you for that matter? lol

oh and the vases for the flowers i'd like a mixture of glass vases and bottles and anything that holds water...as long as theyre clear or pale coloured :) too much to ask for?!

oh and it's about 50 people(adults) were inviting, but fewer invitations than that as most people have a partner. will be able to tell you tomorrow whether we can have the church and/or the hall :)

p.s. this:


4 Feb 2011

More ideas and images

These images are of pages from this book that I was given as a present a few years ago. Some beautiful images and ideas. Saw a few and thought of the wedding; maybe we could get a rubber stamp with an image of keys and use that to emboss some fabric scraps? I have some silver embossing powder somewhere, but there are so many embossing powder colours we can use instead. Depends what the colour scheme of the wedding is??? Need to know that as well as how many people you are inviting; after that we can think about how much time things will take to make and how much we can spend....

Also saw a few and thought of other things: