28 May 2011

feedback via annoying iphone internet

this is difficult, I just published a blank post! Lol.
well I love that first key printed tie, its so Celtic and cool. Chris says you don't wear a tie with the kilt shirt I don't think it has a collar. unfortunately!
Love the doilies so much! They will be perfect. will have to remember to ask mum if she can bring those old wooden crates we had on our stall to make different levels on the table.
just finished cutting out the pattern for my wedding dress, this week I will be making a trial run in whatever fabric I have on hand to check the fit and drape. will look for my camera cable so I can post pictures of dress and hunting in progress!
That's all for now I can't stand this touchscreen thing!
Jo x x x

Something for the Groom

A tie to fit the theme that I can't post a pic of for some reason.

And another tie with keys that I can show with a Scottish theme:

27 May 2011


So my good friend Stephanie over at Yellow Bird Hats is making mine and Jo's headband hats for the wedding. Jo's is already underway ~ but Jo-Bags we need that rubber stamp so I can make the key patterned ribbon! so post it asap! ta. ~ and I was given some samples to take home to see what colour the base of my headband could be:

I'm thinking one of the two left hand side ones. The light blue matches some of the colours in my dress perfectly and the mushroom colour ones perfectly matches my shoes. Maybe matching the shoes is the best way forward?
Meanwhile, here is an example of one of Stephanie's hats; beautiful isn't it?

25 May 2011

Shopping; the shoes and another new dress

So I went shopping with the dress in my bag. Checked out the Office shoes and then fitted perfectly! I promptly went to Topshop tried on two dresses but also used the changing rooms to look at the dress and the shoes on together. 
me in topshop changing rooms trying on the dress with the shoes ~ ignore the purple tights ~ 

shoes ~ ignore the purple tights ~ 
I then (after much diving into shops all down Oxford St) found this cardigan in Zara and had to try it on with the dress.

me in zara changing rooms trying on the cardi with the dress and shoes

shoe on dress close up
I also bought some other things along the way. The dress is from Topshop, cotton, 50's style, looks vintage but is new; only £36. Shoes are from New Look; £17.99. Tights from New Look, lots of colours; £2.99 a pair. And some little socks from H&M; £3.99.

the other things I bought in between!

22 May 2011

Bridesmaid dress, Mum's shoes & Old Cotton Doilies

So Mum and I went shopping for a dress for me and for shoes that matched her dress. This is the dress I ended up loving, it fitted so well, and I liked it. I bought it online afterwards as it was cheaper online and because this one in the picture had an unfortunate part of the pattern right on my stomach which just looked wrong. Now I just need shoes, cardi and a bag!

Trying on the only dress that fitted well & that I loved
 Mum's shoes were easier to get but we found some beauties. Very smart, and useful for after wedding also.

Mum's shoes
Now to the doilies. I found some wonderful little old doilies in my favourite Cheshire Street shop, just off Brick Lane in East London which is simply called 'The Shop'; you can see some pictures of it here. I have taken you there right Jo?

6 cotton doilies & two half aprons

6 cotton doilies; maybe we can use them for the milk jugs at the reception?

I always end up buying at least one vintage apron whenever I go in there! This time it was two and a whole pile of doilies!

7 May 2011

Wedding Doilies

Hi Jo-Bags,

I saw this and suddenly thought; why don't we buy plain paper doilies and stamp them with the key stamp and maybe some text? And then I went on a google search and saw this on etsy:

Also this lady appears to be doing exactly that; printing onto paper doilies, brilliant!

3 May 2011

Crochet Edging Books

Hey Jo-Bags,
You know we were talking about making milk jug covers with linen and adding a crocheted edge, well I have discovered some nice cute Japanese craft books on doing the edging and making doilies. I think i'm going to need a smaller hook....

Motif & Edging Designs
Cute Crochet Edges

Lace Tatting
And then these are just some other crochet books that I think are cool:

This one has some nice teapot pot holders

Small & Easy Crochet!