31 Oct 2011


It turned to Autumn overnight. Red and yellow leaves everywhere now. So my friend Natalie and I had an afternoon of Pumpkin. We made pumpkin and gorgonzola lasagne and pumpkin cake. I then helped her carve a halloween pumpkin to put outside her front door.

Pretty huh?

27 Oct 2011

~Pinks and Greys~

sorry Jo; no red leaves in London yet, at least not on the floor! but here is a mix of old and new photos for you instead.

26 Oct 2011

inspiration board

{muted grey and gold}
i took a detour on the way home yesterday, in the rain, looking for red leaves. i didn't find any, but everywhere i looked i saw the greys and golds that are also out at home. if you have any red leaves in london yet, please capture them!