15 Dec 2010

our first joint stall!

Well, what an eventful weekend - so busy! And straight back into routine again (and present making), with hardly any time for blog posts! But here are my photos of our stall, before i pick up my sewing and carry on gifting/making...

8 Dec 2010

last minute making

I made this blue sea teacosy after work on Monday night before dinner.  I have also been stuffing the pile of tree decorations during my teabreaks at work. Got mince pies and jam tarts to make tonight for the ladies at my stitching group at work; its our last stitching meeting before the holidays on Thursday night and we are all bringing something tasty to have while we work on our craft projects; I will hopefully be finishing off some of those decorations for the fair. So, see you on Friday Jo-Bags for some even more last min making! xxx

6 Dec 2010

Cool Wreath Idea

Look here for this wreath tutorial from Our Best Bites:

Cool huh?? And you could make it even more Christmassy by using just red and white material and adding a few felt holly bits.....

3 Dec 2010

Christine's Christmas Bunting

 This is some of the bunting Christine (my partners Mum for those who don't know) handmade to sell at the stall next weekend. Isn't it amazing?! There are some strings with large flags and some with smaller ones (the teddies are holding the smaller ones).
The stall will be at the Fowlmere Village Hall Famers Market on Saturday 11th Dec for those who want to know. Its a little village between Cambridge and Royston; come along if you are local! 

Oh and the photos are taken by Mum; thanks Mum for unpacking the parcels and displaying the bunting, and thanks to Ted MacDougal and Bunny too!

it doesn't always work

My hessian pot covers still aren't hemmed.

I was making peppermint bark last night and my ganache irreversably split.I started a wreath with lovely red twigs but haven't tied in all the ends yet.

At least i finished my christmas cards and am pleased with them.

Now i just have to write and post them. How much is 50 stamps? *cringe*