10 May 2013

Raindrops & Umbrellas

So, Jobags; this is your newly painted bathroom, LOVE the raindrops on the walls; awesome. I found so many fabric (mostly in the US) with umbrellas, clouds, raindrops etc.. on - thought I'd put them all here instead of continuing to clog up your FB page! 

YELLOW UMBRELLAS (from the UK!) >>>


beautiful clouds fabric>>>
I'll still keep my eyes out for something closer to home though....

Lots of love, Abi


25 Apr 2013

Pies & Slippers

 Jo; I know you have seen all these pie pictures already, but thought it'd be good to post them here anyway:

 And here are the slippers; at all their various stages, we should make some for you next time we are in the same house:

Maybe you could post your seedlings?
Lots of love, Abi

10 Jan 2013

lip balm

 making m strawberry flavour lip balm :) with all-natural strawberry extract made in canada by actually distilling REAL strawberries! when you smell the bottle it's amazing, strawberry fields forever!!
 the basic principal of making a creamy, smooth balm is to mix a wax with an oil. so i used some local beeswax, melted it together with some EU pressed almond oil high in vitamin E, some honey for it's natural antibacterial properties and the strawberry extract.

these fab labels were from angela! for jam jars, but that doesn't matter!

and it all took less than an hour! woo! want to try soap-making at some point. is there anywhere in london that does workshops i wonder? hope our throat gets better soon. i woke up today with a sore throat. going to take some vitamins and honey! xxxxxxx