31 Jan 2011

thanks for the lovely pictures!

just a note first - i keep having to go back and re-type every other word as my e button is sticking again! lol!

thanks for the ideas, love that they are all handmade! here's a few tabley photos i have been gathering - all from Green Wedding Shoes.

This one's for the keys. You know i love them.
This one's for thrifted (i'm reading too many amrican blogs) mix-matched plates.
This one's for bunting.
This one's for embroidery and ABSOLUTELY NOT for FAIRY LIGHTS.
This one's because a girl can dram of beautiful (expensive) barns. Which i frequently do.
This one's a nice idea. But i'd need to get ribbons made for my typewriter.
Also love this alternative to a guest book. Much rather hang somthing on my wall. Do you think it would be too over the top to have paints and stuff to make art?! Definately too limiting to have an embroidery piece!
This one's for the vases, of course.
This is for the chairs i also dream about.
For the little details - twine, thread, buttons.
This one's a little for me and a little for you! Aprons and army boots? YES!!! Although the dress design will have to include a large baby bump so more thought needed on that.

That was fun! Enjoy! xxxxx

26 Jan 2011

wedding ideas *via etsy and folksy*

Just some ideas...... (ps. i hate blogger sometimes; totally messing up my carefully designed page, text all different, spaces where i didnt put any! grrrrrr)
Guest Book:
Wedding Tags Wishes For The Bride & Groom -Set Of 50
Rings cushion? Handmade? 
Moss Ring Bearer Pillow and Rustic Flower Girl Basket
Cake Toppers: 
Edible Butterflies - Assorted Red- set of 30

Love-Cupcake Toppers


Small Outdoor Rustic Wedding Decoration


Vintage Bird Paper Heart Garland (to match the tags)

Nice idea we could make our own?

Recycled Bridal Book Paper Wedding Confetti

20 Jan 2011

New Things and a Discovery

Ok so I have new double glazed windows and a new front door! Yay!


My New Front Door Outside
Isn't the front door just so smart? Apart from the paper number sign that is on there until Rick puts the real numbers up.
New Front Door Inside
Nanny's Apple Cake

And this is the apple cake that I made using Nanny's recipe that Mum gave me the other week. Not in a pretty container (this is because of the discovery of mouse droppings in my flat...... yuk) but its a pretty cake and lasts for a whole week staying moist and lovely. Perhaps we should post the recipe sometime....                                                                                                                                                                

New Teapot and Cups

This teapot with matching cups is part of my new discovery. A shop I have never seen before has popped up nearby, its a Danish homewares shop which is very cheap and a bit like Ikea without the furniture and without the horrible queues.  The teapot has such a nice fresh design with a bamboo handle and has a built in strainer inside and was only £6! The matching cups were just £2 each. Bargain no?!

New Teapot


Tea Tin

This tea caddy/tin was also from Tiger and just £1; lovely peacock design. I also got some great black candles; 4 for £1 and one of those rubber non slip mat things for £1. All in all I am very happy with my new purchases and my discovery. 

I can't believe we have somehow got the same plant; this is a pic of the one we were talking about on the phone; as you can see the black tinge is not really noticeable right now, perhaps as you say it will come back as the sun returns. It is an Echeveria called 'Black Prince' and the one in the background is called 'Duchess of Nuremberg'. Might plant them outside in a pot together when it gets warmer.

Is this the same plant that you have?

15 Jan 2011

battling the morning (all day) sickness with blogging

i did a post on my blog in a semi-reply to your one from a while ago about tarnished cutlery.
it's here.

i've been doing quite a bit of knitting to take my mind off feeling awful. past the halfway mark on a short-sleeved top i started about 5 years ago! lol!
food (and cooking) repulses me at the moment, which is really weird for me...
but feel free to tell me what you're cooking this weekend :)


3 Jan 2011

i sit here dreaming...

of simple-cut dresses in dream-shades of pink and grey...

of warm hands cozy in wool...

of stylish vintage kimonos of purest silk...

and dreaming of having enough money to get them, even in the TOAST sale. hmpf.