31 Oct 2011


It turned to Autumn overnight. Red and yellow leaves everywhere now. So my friend Natalie and I had an afternoon of Pumpkin. We made pumpkin and gorgonzola lasagne and pumpkin cake. I then helped her carve a halloween pumpkin to put outside her front door.

Pretty huh?

27 Oct 2011

~Pinks and Greys~

sorry Jo; no red leaves in London yet, at least not on the floor! but here is a mix of old and new photos for you instead.

26 Oct 2011

inspiration board

{muted grey and gold}
i took a detour on the way home yesterday, in the rain, looking for red leaves. i didn't find any, but everywhere i looked i saw the greys and golds that are also out at home. if you have any red leaves in london yet, please capture them!

1 Sep 2011


Thankyou abi!!! lovely baby clothes, i want them to be the first thing he wears :)
love the prints and the style of them, and fairtrade organic cotton just makes them the best!
i love the little bee on the trousers...

this kimono type top looks so cool, much better than a boring t-shirt!
and the birds are so sweet. not too girly either! nice one.

28 Aug 2011

what i've been up to this weekend

here is the fabric i got from the lovely lady on berwick market. i'm going to make a patchwork bath mat with this and an old white towel, probably this week!
this is a sweet little antique baby vest from france. it's incredibly soft with 2 tiny buttons. i couldn't resist!
this is my big stack of washable baby wipes. i've also made some towelling ones, so it will soon be a question of finding which ones suit me and baby best, before i make any more...if i need them!
and i got given a pile of new white bibs which i have been embroidering...

photos of those are a bit dark as its so overcast today....grey and cold. stay indoors day with stitching and soup!

Welsh Hoard plus more

*This post is very heavy on images so maybe make a cuppa while it loads!*

So Wales was great, had a nice time. Went to the National Museum of Welsh Life, went down Big Pit, hiked up Skirrid Fawr, a little mountain, and bought lots of tea to take home! 

iron works chimney
iron works
more heather
a working loom in an old woollen mill
woollen mill
old pigsty
me on top the skirrid
circles everywhere

this is the stool/mini table I told you about on the phone
it must have been made from a crate of pears in jars
Back at home and I am flitting between my studio and home. Finishing off the archive book project, thinking of ideas for the next 3 books I need to make for another project, piecing together bits of cloth when I can, thinking about what to make next for the shop, tea staining things and trying to think what I can make for William when he arrives, other than felt booties of course!
end of the rainbow
more tea staining in progress
Talk soon sis.


14 Aug 2011

Fabrics for boys trousers

So my sister Jo has got herself a new blog address; I will update the sidebar asap. She was saying today on her blog that she wanted some blue windmill fabric to make baby trousers, so I went hunting online:
from here
from here
And some non windmill fabric:
from here
from here
from here
from here
Anyway, I will keep looking. 

12 Jul 2011

The home made wedding of the year; Mr & Mrs Hart, 2nd July 2011

My sister in her beautiful handmade wedding dress

The table decorations; flowers by Mum

The table decorations; flowers by Mum, ribbon by me

Teacosy plus heart shaped sugar cubes

Teacosy in use

The moss & felt ring cushion

confetti & sugar cubes

lots of confetti

Key ribbon, jam jars & flowers

Stag and deer atop the cake


me trying to take nice close up shots of the table

Enjoy the photos!