20 Feb 2012

brian has some new trousers

found a mothercare pillowcase in a charity shop. i think it was destined to find me. it must be as old as i am.
it's brian :)
made it into trousers for wee one, will upload pics later :) xxx

19 Feb 2012

Herman Cake & Dundee

 So Herman is a friendship cake; he was given to me and I kept him alive and growing for 10 days before dividing him into four, giving three away to friends and then I baked him with raspberries and walnuts. Yum. Wish you were nearer Jo so I could have shared him with you and given you a jar of goo to keep and grow and give away.
Day 6
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11 - eaten
Dundee Cake
So the Dundee cake is in the oven, seems to be taking an age to cook! And I need to go round a friend's for dinner!! 

[pictures to come soon]