13 Jul 2012

A post to make you feel better Jo

I know you are ill, and should hopefully be in bed, but if you have your laptop with you perhaps you can be cheered by this post and exploring all my recent Pinterest pins.


Don't these muffins look amazing? I so want to start baking muffins for breakfast; I never seem to know what to eat for breakfast and being so busy doesn't help. If I baked these once a week then maybe I would have breakfast sorted for at least 4 or 5 days out of 7.... shame its all in american cups..... hate trying to work out what that really means in english!


These also look good; not exactly muffins as they use grated potatoes and egg, but good breakfast material, although probably a bit fattening...
I've spent a few hours this morning on Pinterest; whoops! Its my only day off in ages and I needed a break from thinking about my MA work, here is the link to my new board on food where I am mostly re-pinning other peoples images for my inspiration, and yours. This is, by far, my favourite of the morning:

It took me ages to find the original post for it (thats a big problem with Pinterest & Tumblr) but I did find it, but I also saw this recipe for the same thing:

I really want to try them sometime soon. Probably after the MA is done, when I get some more time! I barely have time or energy to cook dinner let alone bake!

Anyway, get well soon Jo-Bags. Miss you and the little one, hopefully see you later in the year for a week of baking & making. xxx

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