26 Mar 2012


As a thank you for me proof reading her essay my lovely Japanese friend made us a wonderful Bento for lunch yesterday; Onigiri (rice balls) were so nice, and the carrots were cut in a cute flower shape, and there was a wonderful black sesame sauce stuff on the green beans. I will have to learn that one and tell you how to make it. YUM!

  And so I was inspired this morning to make a very speedy quick Bento lunch for Rick; I used the smallest heart cookie cutter I have (did you give me those?) and cut the ham and bread&butter, cress grass and some other veg for salad.

                 The blue&white encrusted cake thing is a leftover cornflake chocolate nest that I made for the party.

I hope he enjoys it; its not going to be the most filling of lunches, but its cute!

Enjoy the sunshine Jo-Bags. Love to little William and to Chris too. xxx


  1. aaah! lovely! very sweet :)mmm cress....i need to sow some....
    i also need to go to newcastle again to go to yo sushi!

  2. oh yeah, i thought we needed to have a more spring-like background; it's from your wedding...