26 Mar 2012

The Owl & The Badger

 So, as you know Jo, I have been chained to the computer and/or library writing my essay that is due in on Wednesday. So I have been having alot of tea!

I finished the first draft on Friday evening and so let myself have the whole of Saturday as a essay-free zone. Which is lucky because I had an animal themed fancy dress party to get ready for that night. I woke up not knowing what on earth I was going to be and ended the day with a costume to be proud of.

Here are some photos of the making process; it was great fun. I give you the owl (& the Badger):

So I raided the fabric stash and made 3 sizes of feather template and got cutting

                 and then started on the mask, I knew I had a pair of those cinema 3D glasses lying around so punched out the plastic lenses and drew around them on some cardboard.
        Then drew an owl face shape and cut out.

                                 After that I got sticking!

                  Rick helped me superglue the glasses on the card ( I hate superglue, it still scares me!)

            And hey presto, I had an owl mask!

       I knew I HAD to have a mouse hanging from my beak/mouth and so I made one!

    I used the leftover feathers to create my wings on an old brown cardigan; I could have done more feathers if I had had more time, but I think it worked ok as it was.

I wore brown tights, a mottled grey top under the wing cardi, that black layered skirt I have had for years and some super yellow socks for my yellow owly feet.

And so Rick was the Badger and I was the Owl:


  1. lol! coolest costumes ever :) that only took you an evening?! love the cardy, think the feathers look good :)and the mouse is hilarious lol!

  2. No its took me all afternoon, probably started making around 2pm and finished just before we left the house at 8pm!