15 Nov 2012

Jo & William's London Trip

A basket of all we did that week
 So normally we are many miles apart. But last month we had a whole week together when you and William visited me in London.
Jo & William walking by the canal
It was a lovely time, and we did so much! Muffin baking, jam making, walking, market scouring, stitching and making woolly necklaces!
William exploring my books

Me & William walking along the canal
 I miss you both, it was great to be able to spend time with the little one.
Damson Jam we made from fruit collected in the park

A t-shirt for William that Jo worked on in spare moments

William using a spoon!
 Hope to visit you in return, soon!



  1. bugger it just deleted my comment cause i had to do the faff of making a new password cause all my passwords and info are saved to other pc and i dont know any of them! hours of fun...
    it went something like: i had a brilliant time too, best holiday ever. great photos, especially the basket of sisterness :) thats sister-ness, not sistern-ess. lol cistern-ess...yeah its too late at night for me. sorry it took me ages to get back online but i finally have a pc, even if some of the keys dont work! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Didn't realise you had such s great time. Sent from my new smart phone. Mum